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strategisches healthcare marketing


“Increase your brand awareness with precise marketing”

Marketing strategy

Success with the right strategy

You have a goal? I’ll show you the way to get there. Together we will find the right course with targeted healthcare marketing. I will advise you individually on how to position your message effectively with your target group. I design your marketing strategy with comprehensive competition and brand analyses. Let’s work together to ensure that your brand stands out amidst countless possibilities – through targeted advice, strategic thinking and effective placement.

Brand Management

Strengthen your brand

I help you to strengthen your brand identity, increase brand awareness and build a sustainable brand image. From strategic development to ongoing maintenance on various platforms, I offer a comprehensive approach. My healthcare marketing services include brand strategy, design development, content management, social media optimization and monitoring. Trust me to make your brand an unmistakable success.

Events & Congresses

Your partner for individual concepts and smooth management

Do you need support in congress management? Surprise your customers with unforgettable events! From concept development to planning and implementation, I support you in event management. Discover customized concepts for impressive experiences at events and congresses. Together we create unforgettable moments that will stay in the minds of your guests.

Marketing Kongresse


“Give your brand personality”


Awareness campaigns

Draw attention to your product

Do you have a product worth explaining? Or a therapy that nobody knows about? Let’s develop a communication strategy together to change this! Targeted communication to patients and medical staff is a passion of mine. Because informed patients can make better decisions for their health, and informed doctors can use efficient therapies.

Media planning

Strategic and targeted media planning

I offer professional media planning that spreads your message in a targeted and effective way. From the selection of the perfect channels to precise timing coordination, I optimize your media mix for maximum reach. Let’s reach and impress your target group together. Your success starts here – with my individual media planning expertise!

Marketing_Medical Content

Medical Content

High-quality medical texts for different needs

Do you need high-quality texts? My expertise in healthcare marketing enables me to formulate complex medical, technical or scientific topics into easy-to-understand content for your target groups. With a deep understanding of your readers’ needs, I customize my writing style – be it for informative websites, professional brochures or scientific articles. Medical content that leaves a lasting impression.

Public Relations

“Let us hear from you”

Public Relations

There ist always something to talk about

Public relations is an important tool for being heard and seen. Whether trade press or tabloid press, investors or patients, it’s all about the right content! Thanks to my many years of experience as a press officer, I know exactly what journalists want. I know how and where your target groups want to be addressed.


KOL positioning

Expert status for your stakeholders

Do you work closely with doctors and other medical stakeholders? Fantastic! Let’s think together about how we can not only turn your KOLs into true experts, but also strategically position their presence in the media and at events to further strengthen their visibility and influence.

Social Media Communication

Effective social media management for your digital presence

Optimize your online presence with professional social media management. I take care of the strategic planning, content creation and interaction on your social media channels to present your brand effectively. Increase your reach, encourage interaction with your target group and strengthen your digital presence with my customized approach for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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